Happy Clients, Happy Me

I've been to these groomers a few times, and honestly I have no complaints. My dog always comes home groomed perfectly. He acts a little funny, but he does that any time he's groomed, I think he's just mad that we dropped him off someplace. I have never seen any redness or irritation (which has happened at other groomers.). I did see the Pitt hanging out like she owned the place and at first I was a little nervous about it (tbh that's one of the reasons I had gone to another groomer. She seems really well trained though), but I liked the way my dog looks when he comes home from here, and I'll continue to go back. Quick appointment, and quick pickup time.

Wendy Lopez

Stopped by today to groom my dog.. at Pampered Pups. My dog isn't as friendly to unfamiliar faces. As soon as I walked in to the grooming shop the guy in the front greeted me with a warm smile, and was very attentive to my dog.. which made my dog instantly friendly. The price was very reasonable, and the guy who was taking care of my dog was kind enough to walk me through how to properly take care of a dog, being that I am first time dog owner. Def would recommend this place to family and friends.. and most def have found my new grooming spot for my dog. Thank you Pampered Pups

Cristina Aran

I was very skeptical about this place but then again any place when it comes to my beloved cat. She is 12 years old and she gives me lots of joy and that is why I treat her like a princess. I decided to groom her and stumbled on pampered pups and I gave it a try. I was visibly nervous being that it was my first time grooming her. The owner of the shop who was the one grooming my cat did an amazing job. He was gentle with her and he let me stand near her to make her comfortable. I strongly recommend this place if you want high quality work. From now on, this is my new and only place where I will be grooming my Nikki.

Marina Tabagari


79-4 Parsons Blvd, Flushing, NY 11366, USA